Share space and automate your business
There is no single platform that contains all the tools for autonomous work!

- Social meldia
- Educational platform
- Marketplace for consumables and smart storage
Creation of a single platform that automates all business processes of all market participants. Convenient to use. Reduce costs through automation.
- Social meldia
- Educational platform
- Marketplace for consumables and smart storage
How it Works
Mobile application and web platform with a convenient and native interface. Integration with smart devices
CRM for optimization and automation of work for craftsmen, business owners and suppliers of cosmetics and equipment.
Individual pages of masters with which they can move from one salon to another and maintain their accumulated rating
User Benefits
All automation tools in one application.

Rating improves service

Freedom of choice of place of work and independence

No need to overpay for many services and marketing
Use Cases
Renting a place to work at a time convenient for the master and client

Finding the right master level in the right place

Payment for the service through the application
How the product works now
With one click you can select an available space to work.
Book a comfortable place to work.
Come and work with your clients at any convenient time
All locations operate autonomously and do not require additional on-site administrators.
Integration with smart devices that control access to the premises and timely release of work space
Personal accounts for owners, craftsmen and clients
Настройка абонементов для посещения коворкинга
Оплата любого количества временных слотов
Key Differentiators
Smart warehouse
Integration with smart devices
Real rating
Advanced training using video lessons
Easy search
What do we do at the next stage?
A social network for publishing the works of masters is integrated with a one-click recording system, integration with a smart warehouse and customer accounts
quick search for masters
Accounts for beauty salons!
Accounts for cosmetics and equipment suppliers
Entering international markets.
Account for beauty salons
Flexible price depends on the level of the master;
when moving to another salon, the master takes his account with him,
The salon's rating depends on the sum of the masters' ratings.
Widgets for integrating an appointment system into beauty salon websites
A web portal with a built-in appointment system for private masters and specialists in beauty salons and beauty coworking spaces.
Fast and smart search
Search for the required specialist in the selected radius of the client's location according to the selected parameters
The project has several monetization options
  • CRM
    Payment of tariffs for business owners for using CRM
  • PRO accounts
    PRO accounts for masters are displayed in the top results in global search, as well as the portfolio display radius is larger than in ordinary accounts
  • Commission 20%
    Commission for purchasing or subscribing to educational content..
How many masters and beauty salons?
  • Masters in the beauty industry in Europe
    There are 850,000 craftsmen in Europe
  • How many beauty salons are there in Europe?
    There are 19,000 beauty salons in Europe
  • Beauty coworking spaces
    Places for rent for professionals in the beauty industry more than 15,000 places
Paid functions in the project at the first stages
  • Subscription to CRM
    from 20-50 euros/month for a company per recording slot
  • PRO accounts for masters
    30 euro/month
  • 20% from content subscriptions
    For educational content
  • Publication of vacancies
    Salon owners can post applications for vacancies
Conditions for investor
Flexible investment conditions for investors
  • Minimum conditions
    From 50 000 EUR 0.5% from the company
  • Maximum conditions
    1 ml Euro up to 10% of the company
  • Exit in a year or 3 years
    Exit in a year - 300% per annum X3
    Exit in 3 years X10 from invested funds
Video review
A short overview of what has already been done
Review of projects of closest competitors
Our project has no analogues, but this review presents several of the most popular projects that are indirectly similar..
The last round of investment was in 2022 and amounted to 4.69 million dollars
Project analysis ShearShare
Our project is already much more complex than the presented project. Since it contains more detailed work on setting up the rental of places not only during daytime slots, but also during hours. There is also level-level integration with smart devices and keyless entry locks for simpler tasks. Everyone is also busy with slots in the application. Reservation is possible only after payment, or payment with virtual passes. Cancellations and transfers in armored devices are also provided, and the master does them himself in the application.
The last round of investment was in 2021 and amounted to 100 million dollars
Project analysis Fresha
Additionally, our solution offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for both beauty professionals and customers, making it easier for them to connect and transact. Our platform also provides advanced training opportunities for professionals, ensuring they stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry.

Furthermore, our smart warehouse feature streamlines the supply chain process, reducing delays and ensuring that all participants have access to the necessary products and equipment. This level of automation and efficiency sets us apart from existing competitors who may not offer such a comprehensive solution.

Overall, our platform offers a holistic and integrated approach to the beauty industry, addressing the needs of all participants in the market and streamlining their interactions. This makes us a more convenient and effective option for anyone involved in the beauty industry.
The volume of the entire beauty industry
Market volume of CRM systems in the beauty industry
Take a share of these markets in the coming year
500 billions $
5 billions $
Market volume
Total market size in the beauty industry
Our Team
  • Evgenii Kuznetsov
    Founder & Product manager
  • Temirlan Almasov
    Flutter Developer
  • Vadinm Grinchuk
    Design Director
  • Oleg Nesterov
    Backend Developer
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At the moment our project is called bс due to the fact that the official name of the project is at the stage of brand licensing